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[Warning] Could not confirm port 10999 is open in the firewall

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Here's what happens: I start a new server since the update, with mods (refreshed, updated. I've even cleaned them all out - unsubscribed and subscribed to only updated ones). The game runs fine for a while and after 5 minutes or so the disconnected icon pops up in the top left. I think my firewall is blocking it somehow. I'm using McAfee (paid version)


What I've tried:

  • turning off firewall
  • turning off real time scanning
  • editing the rights of dst client, steam exe, and all associated programs through (bypassing NetGuard)
  • Changing the port in the server.ini and client.ini file as well as Caves

I hope someone can help me. It only began after the recent update (Waterlogged, I believe).


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