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  1. i might be having the same problem.. does it happen with spiders/bees too? I've only managed to kill those mobs. Sometimes I kill bees and its fine but after 3 minutes or so of killing more bees it freezes.
  2. I've tried to reinstall the games, verify integrity of the files, started without mods but it keeps crashing after 5-10 minutes of the game. I've even tried uninstalling my antivirus, turned off malware bytes. I haven't been able to play the game for a week already. Hope I get some help soon!
  3. Hi! Here's what happens: I start a new server since the update, with mods (refreshed, updated. I've even cleaned them all out - unsubscribed and subscribed to only updated ones). The game runs fine for a while and after 5 minutes or so the disconnected icon pops up in the top left. I think my firewall is blocking it somehow. I'm using McAfee (paid version) What I've tried: turning off firewall turning off real time scanning editing the rights of dst client, steam exe, and all associated programs through (bypassing NetGuard) Changing the port in the server.ini and client.ini file as well as Caves I hope someone can help me. It only began after the recent update (Waterlogged, I believe).