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Walter's Slowdown rounds do not slow Celestial Champion Phase 2 Spin

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Walter's slowdown rounds do not slow the Celestial Champion in phase 2 when it's doing it's spin attack.

local target = inst.sg.statemem.target
if target ~= nil and target:IsValid() and target.components.locomotor ~= nil then
    spin_speed = math.max(spin_speed, target.components.locomotor:GetRunSpeed()) - 0.25
    spin_speed = math.min(spin_speed, 35)
inst.sg.statemem.spin_speed = spin_speed
inst.Physics:SetMotorVelOverride(spin_speed, 0, 0)

The calculations in stategraphs/SGalterguardian_phase2.lua, lines 325-332 fail to take into account the speed multiplier of the Celestial Champion.

Changing line 328 to

spin_speed = math.max(spin_speed, target.components.locomotor:GetRunSpeed() * inst.components.locomotor:GetSpeedMultiplier()) - 0.25

could work.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Play Walter
2. Spawn phase 2 of the Celestial Champion
3. Fire slowdown round
4. Notice it does not slow down during it's spin.

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