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Walter eating tallbird egg or glommer goop crashes.

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Walter eating tallbird egg or glommer goop crashes when any mods are on. Making walter uncompatible with all of mods. I was hosting a fun server in DST with a total of 13 people online. YAY. But the walter ate a tallbird egg and BAM. Server crash. This needs to get fixed. Or else this exploit could be used to crash other dedicated servers. I could relaunch the dedicated server but then that 13 player count goes to 5 PLAYERS ON THE SERVER. WHY. All i had was one mod on the fun server and even then WALTER COULD STILL CRASH IT.

Oooooh, but jrramon, the mod your using might not be working.

no no no. This exploit applies to every server mod. every server mod such as, green world, uncompromising mod, shipwrecked charaters, etc. And this does apply to every mod. Im so sorry if i was mean but klei please fix this bug and exploit. Oh if you having a problem with this exploit too use this steam mod and disable walter



Steps to Reproduce

Here are the steps. Go onto any modded server. Play walter, Then get a tallbird egg or glommer goop and eat it. The server crashes. This works on any modded server where you can get tallbird egg or glommer goop

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