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Vote Kick bugs?

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Hello I've been bug testing the vote-kick system for the last few days and I found a few bugs or maybe some quirks that look like bugs, but may not be:

  • When a dedicated server has the over world and a connected caves world involved, and the vote kicking begins in one server, it does not transfer over to the other server (even though both server have vote kicking enabled). Ex: Vote kick me from the caves, when I'm in the over world. I don't get to vote or am I alerted that the vote kicking has begun. 
  • When both people are in the master shard, and they both vote kick each other at the same time, it seems that the game crashes. (only occured once, and could not duplicate it at the moment.)
  • The Hotfix that implemented Vote Kicking stated that there would need to be 3 people present in the server to start the vote kicking. Unfortunately that is not the case, as I tested all my abnormalities  with just me and a friend.

Not sure if the vote kicking has been fully implemented yet or if these are actual bugs. Just thought its something you guys oughta know.

Steps to Reproduce
Enable vote kicking and mess around with a fried.

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