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Video Driver Crashes

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Game starts out fine, but after the login prompt, then its about to show the "two characters" the video driver crashes on  windows 10, then windows shows a prompt and then after a while it blocks the game from using the video driver. When the Driver crashes the game screen freezes or turns black (game keeps running), also it MIGHT get past the login and I can join a game... after a moment into the game it will freeze/crash afterwards during games play.


System is a Surface Pro 3, 8GB Ram, Intel 4400 graphics 

Steps to Reproduce
Just run the game

User Feedback

the game DOESNT "crash", as in it doesn't close, it screen freezes or screen goes black.... but i hear my friend walking around me or monsters attacking me.

as in the V Driver CRASHES, then gets blocked by windows 10, it started happening after the last update, before I played just fine for hours

PS my drivers, all of them are up-to-date

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2 hours ago, JanH said:

We're not seeing any indications of a crash in the game log so it's most likely crashing due to an outdated GPU driver. Please download and install the latest drivers for your Intel HD Graphics card. 

please, re-read, its  some bug or weird operation between the game to the vid driver

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