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Video Driver Crash

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when playing Don' Starve Together, after some time (about 5 ingame days) the game crashes with the message, that after an error the video driver was restored. The game screen turns black but i am able to switch back to the desktop as normal and end the proecess from there. At first i thought it was a problem with my GPU so i updated the driver and ran some tests with FurMark (whith normal results). But the game still crashes.

After that i tried some other games (more GPU intensive ones like Grim Dawn or GTA V) but they run for hours without crashing.

My system specs:

OS    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)

CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz

GPU AMD Radeon HD 7970

RAM 8192 MB

(See specs.txt for more detailed specs)


Steps to Reproduce
I only played the game, the crashes didn't seemed to occur in liaison with specific events.

User Feedback

Hey @Xyarvius welcome to the forums. I do not know whether or not you've seen Klei's Support page, but there is an article that mentions an AMD Radeon Card under the Integrated Graphics portion at the bottom of this link (source). I can't be certain if it'll help, but it's worth a try.


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Hello @Zillvr. Thanks for your reply. I checked if the game uses my integrated instead of my dedicated GPU but it uses my dedicated. After some more research i found out that updating the BIOS could solve the problem. I updated my BIOS and since then Don't Starve Together didn't crash even after a relative long time.

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Hello again @Zillvr. Today i played again some Don't Starve Together and the problem occured again even after updating my BIOS. After 1-2 ingame days the game crashed (blackscreen with the message that the video driver crashed and was restored, but with the game still running with sound etc.).

In case, anyone has the the problem like me, here is my new solution: I deinstalled all my GPU drivers and used 'AMD Clean Uninstall Utility' to remove all the remaining old driver datas. After that i did a fresh install of the most recent GPU driver and voila ... the games/drivers do not crash anymore (at least for the 20 ingame days i played until now non stop).

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Sadly i have to say that the problem still persists. Now my PC completely freezes after a random playtime Don't Starve Together with the only possibly escape of shutting of the PC completely via the power button. Don't Starve Together is still the only game which has this problem, and i've played a lot of different games. I'm so curious what could be the reason behind this, but i guess there is no help for this problem, and i have to live with the fact that Don't Starve Together does not run on my system. Still an awesome game and awesome devs. Keep up the good work.

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