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Unnatural portal spawns respective resources even if they are set to "none"

Pig Princess
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If player turns off banana bushes, monkey tails, palmcone sprouts, portal powder monkeys, crustashines - i.e. resources spawned by unnatural portal - they still spawn, both over time and upon feeding moongleam to portal. Any resource setting on "Unnatural Portal Resources" section at "World Settings" page seems to not work properly with "none" value (I can't check "little" setting value for sure because it's based on probability, as far as I know, but it might be broken too).

"Portal Activity" setting works correctly, i.e. when set to "none", portal doesn't produce resources both over time and upon feeding moongleam to it (in latter case portal overload doesn't happen).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create world with any of the following settings set to "none": banana bushes, monkey tails, crustashines, powder monkeys or palmcone sprouts (disabling all at once would also do).

2. In the world itself go to unnatural portal and observe for a bit - portal would continue to spawn disabled resources.

3. Feed some moongleams to unnatural portal - disabled resources are produced as well.

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