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Unable to Sweep The Deck Illuminator/Lightning Conductor When Attached to A Sail

  • Known Issue

You are unable to sweep the deck illuminator or the lightning conductor to change their skins.

Steps to Reproduce

Install the deck illuminator and/or the lightning conductor onto a sail.

Become unable to swap their skins (I own the skins for both).

User Feedback

I have looked into this in the past but ran into issues when considering controllers trying to do the same action. For mouse use it is easy but controllers target the nearest thing and both the mast attachments are attached to the mast instance and have the same position. A work around for this limit was to use the player's position relative to the mast for targeting but it would be unclear to the player why certain parts would be targeted. I shelved this until a better solution could be thought of but it is on the to do list.

Changed Status to Known Issue

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