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Twins duplication / persistence after a world reload.

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Duplication bug:
It seems that due to the check in prefabs/terrarium.lua -> SpawnEyeOfTerror, the Twins are duplicated because the "twinmanager" prefab is not in limbo on world reload. I discovered this upon noticing that the shadows for the old twins were visible on rejoin, yet the terrarium was still spawning new twins.

Being present during daytime on reload bug: I have no idea. I was writing the repro steps for this and following them to make sure they work, and apparently the twins wanted to stick around and try to kill me on world reload. They are also unable to be attacked during this time.

Edit: It seems that having the mini eyes of terror present can keep the twins present on world reload?
That's the only connection I can seem to find.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Give Nightmare Fuel to the Terrarium.

2. Touch it and wait for night.

3. When the twins spawn, whack them a few times and wait for day so they despawn.

4. Once they have fully despawned (indicated by the lack of a shadow), disconnect. (I guess for the record, this is a save with caves enabled).

5. Once you rejoin, you'll momentarily see the eyes as they fly up. Except this time, their shadows won't go away.



I am using a mod of mine to illustrate these values. It does not in any way affect their spawning.

6. Repeat step 2, and now:


Moments before the next spawn (take note the old shadows are still there):



And now, we have 4 eyes, and two "twinmanager"s.






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