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The player can't interact/move once joined a private server

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It does not happen to all of the private server, but some: such as hosted & dedicated forge, and dedicated streamer's server. All of these (supposedly stable) servers had ping under 50 when I join, and my connection bar remained green. All players are at standstill, but moving and doing all kinds of activity. I can also move at one position and get hurt etc.


Steps to Reproduce

I had this issue since last year. Once with Windows, now with Mac: they both are laptops that fits the requirement of specs. It upsets me that I am the only one (in the server) who can't do anything but die helplessly every time I join a private server. I don't think there's further explanation I can make. Please fix this bug. If I am doing it wrong, then so tell me. Thank you.

What steps can we take to cause the issue to happen for us? - I honestly don't know. My guess is that its instability of hosting servers? maintaining servers? I have no suggestions that cross my mind but I strongly recommend you to look into this issue.

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