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The Missing Texture

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After placing walls , using mouse to hold other items cannot show the texture. 468167539_QQ20211030184936.thumb.png.afbc153702dcacc225956da7fb89b5c3.png

Steps to Reproduce

1. Place the wall.

2. Swap other items to hold.

3. The texture was missing.

User Feedback

This seems to be caused by placer not unhiding the icon when being removed:

function Placer:OnRemoveEntity()
	if self.builder ~= nil and self.hide_inv_icon then

It also makes sense to use self.hide_inv_icon only for invobject placers:

function Placer:SetBuilder(builder, recipe, invobject)
	self.builder = builder
	self.recipe = recipe
	self.invobject = invobject
	self.hide_inv_icon = self.hide_inv_icon and invobject ~= nil

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