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Texture bug in Winter Sweaters

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Parts of wearers body (elbows) are visible through sleeves on all characters.

I only checked this on Ugly Grey Winter Sweater and Ugly Pink Winter Sweater, not sure if other similar clothes affected.

Sorry for screenshot quality, it's better visible in game.





Steps to Reproduce
  1. Equip Ugly Grey Winter Sweater or Ugly Pink Winter Sweater on any character.
  2. See the red/green/brown/white (depends on current character) elbows through sleeves.20220114185104_1.thumb.jpg.773f95ea34813e24b6992fc5c2f18dd1.jpg20220114185127_1.thumb.jpg.d6d15d6e00d89797532d0b0eae6db2a4.jpg20220114185202_1.thumb.jpg.b2db04fa3a7aa49efffa32762c42e9b6.jpg

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