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  1. Well, if wilson had no incoming rework, 125 each stat and the lack of beard hair/insulation, I would say so.
  2. > Experiencing the new "Freezing-over means charge loss" downside in action, I was astonished how one Klaus deer freeze immediately depletes all charges.
  3. I feel this "discharge on freeze" thingy should be removed entirely. New rain is more than enough.
  4. One mistake on Klaus, two mistakes on deerclops, players in pvp. One freeze turns you to Wes for the rest of the fight. Previous WX didn't have these downsides at all, yet his upsides were reduced, as I mentioned before. Sorry, but I already had transportation speed before the rework (with light and cold immunity) where I needed it.
  5. New circuit mechanic is amazing and is almost exactly what I asked for. However, with recent changes like stat nerf, charge reducing freeze (which renders you dead on the first mistake on klaus) and deadly rain, even compared to previous WX, this is noticeable nerf. And when you look at the characters like Wigfrid (which received straight buff) and Wanda, the rework looks a bit unfair... We need more circuits with unusual and interesting mechanics, more slots or buff to existing circuits, like adding better passive bonuses to stat circuits: for example, hardy circuit 1.0/2.0 could also reduce damage by 5%/10%, hunger circuits could reduce hunger drain more, sanity circuit could regenerate sanity BUT reduce enlightenment, etc.
  6. Because everything else was a piece of cake. You seem to forget that with new WX we've got obliterating rain and one freeze basically disables all the upgrades, reducing WX to Wes level.
  7. WX can pick stat circuits, but then they just lose all overload potential (compared to previous them). They can pick 1/2 of overload power (either full speed or heat + light), but then they have 1/3 or even less of the previous stats. The circuit mechanic is really awesome, but I don't see how this is not a straight nerf. Also, with old WX you don't really need to rely on Wickerbottom for any meaninful fights - telelocator staff is more than enough for any boss fight or even two.
  8. We've got stat nerf and deadly rain, that's alright. But that was asked in exchange for slot count increase. Will we get more slots? With current changes the whole refresh is just a fancy nerf.
  9. Parts of wearers body (elbows) are visible through sleeves on all characters. I only checked this on Ugly Grey Winter Sweater and Ugly Pink Winter Sweater, not sure if other similar clothes affected. Sorry for screenshot quality, it's better visible in game.
  10. When cast on self it triggers lightnings that strike WX78 both on departure and on arriving, but SYSTEM OVERLOAD doesn't happen. If I cast it on other creature the lightning strike still triggers overload.