"testforshark" function in components/schoolspawner.lua checks for entities with "gnarwail" tag

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local function testforshark(comp, spawnpoint)
    local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(spawnpoint.x, spawnpoint.y, spawnpoint.z, TUNING.SHARK_TEST_RADIUS, GNARWAIL_TAGS)
    if #ents < 2 and math.random() < TUNING.SHARK_SPAWN_CHANCE then

The testforshark function in components/schoolspawner.lua checks for other entities with the "gnarwail" tag for its check. This strikes odd to me because you'd think it'd check for other entities with the "shark" tag instead right? So it doesn't spawn another shark if there's two other sharks in the area, but instead it checks for gnarwails. This means theoretically an infinite amount of sharks can keep spawning in one area (Of course, practically that won't actually happen)

I report this because I had four sharks spawn in the span of a minute just a few days ago while sailing with someone else, and that seems very unintentional and just plain unfair.

my glommer died from one of these sharks please fix it : (

Steps to Reproduce

1. Look at components/schoolspawner.lua file
2. Notice in the "testforshark" function it checks for entities with the gnarwail tag, not the shark tag

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