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Tentapillar jumping

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When you walk to a open tentapillar hole, it respawns, right?
But if you're quick enough to get there and attempt to jump in while it respawns, you get a simple "I can't do that.".. but with another thing:
Your character will become stuck in the about-to-jump pose, until you relog into that world. This does not give invulnerability as my hunger just kept going down when this happened.

I haven't tested if taking damage gets you out of the position or not, since the only damage I could take there was from Charlie(unequipping moggles with click and drag), and she would break my thulecite armor.

Server mods are present, but none of them affects wormholes or tentapillars.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Kill a Tentapillar
2. Wait until it respawns
3. Be quick enough to get there and attempt a jump before the hole gets blocked (Difficult part)
4. Tadaaaa.

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