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Teen tallbirds become broken after reconnect if leader is too far

Pig Princess
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Normally if player walks too far from any follower, follower is teleported closer; normally when player disconnects and reconnects (goes to caves and back, reconnects after rollback, reconnects after usual disconnect) followers regain their "follower" status in certain radius. However, those two distances don't match, so if any follower appears to be too far during reconnect it looses follower status.

This is especially detrimental in case teenbirds: unlike pigs, spiders, etc. they can't be befriended again, but they could easily become disconnected from player if one is too far from them upon rollback; one more case is when player briefly goes to caves, but somebody else loads area, and teenbirds aggro on something and walk away. Worst thing is that they continue to starve, and player becomes tied to this - practically random - location up to 18 days without any break, not to mention that birds tend to spread without leader and kill themselves. Else birds starve to death and delete player progress, potentially up to 28 days of such progress.

I suggest just making any follower leave server or shard with leader, like Abigail does with Wendy, that way not only teenbird problem on reconnect would be solved, but they would be actually much more manageble to raise outside of solo worlds, since player would no longer need to play 4 hours non-stop without even bathroom break.

Additionally Webber could finally properly take his army with him between shards instead of going back and forth 3+ times, waiting on loading screen for in-game days, and would no longer loose all dangling debth dwellers from labyrinth that he couldn't take with him upon 1st transition to the surface.

Permanent followers should have no obstacles of staying with leader even offline (teenbirds, spiders, grumble bees). As for creatures still remaining connected to their spawners, I see no harm in disconnecting them from their dens if player disconnects from server or shard. In that case den could start countdown as if creature was dead the instant creature leaves shard.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Spawn smallbirds via console command, walk near them and become their leader.

2. Skip 10 days via command - smallbirds should grow into teenbirds and keep follower status.

3. Walk away from them to the distance where they start teleporting to player.

4. While birds are far away, go to the caves, disconnect or trigger save during this time.

5. Go back to forest, reconnect or rollback respectively - observe disconnected forever teenbirds, starving, spreading over area and prone to death. They also don't sleep at night now.

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