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Structures fall off of boat. Typically when travelling at high speeds.

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I usually sail with 2 malbatross sails. 3 on my higher end boats and while sailing, structures just fall off. It's happened with a fire pit, crockpot, malbatross sail, chests and in the image shown below, an icebox 


Steps to Reproduce

Usually when travelling with more than one malbatross sail unfurled. 3 is the best bet to reproduce it.

It's frustrating to sail slowly and I'd rather not be out at sea if this keeps happening, because I actually enjoy sailing when my boat is fast.

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User Feedback

Yes my structures glitch out of the boat as well especially those at the edge of the boat typically my alchemy station, crockpot and prestihatitator. It usually happens for me when I have 3 sail masts on or anything faster than 1 winged sail.

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Will this bug be possible to fix at all? Sailing is super fun the more sails available, but this is killing it for me. 

structures falling off boats again.PNG

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