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[string "scripts/components/inventory.lua"]:194: "DropActiveItem" doesn't take the stack size of the active item into account

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The function

function Inventory:DropActiveItem()
	local active_item = nil
    if self.activeitem ~= nil then
        active_item = self:DropItem(self.activeitem)
	return active_item

in scripts/components/inventory.lua doesn't include the size of the item stack and instead drops always just a single item.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Select a stack of >1 items which doesn't drown in water
  2. Don't unselect that stack of items
  3. Hop on a sinking boat
  4. Drown
  5. Return to the spot where you drowned
  6. Realize that the stack of X items turned into a stack of only one item
  7. Profin't!

Alternative: Just use the code "ThePlayer.components.inventory:DropActiveItem()" while holding a stack of >1 items.

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