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#[string "scripts/components/container_replica.lua"]:291: attempt to call method 'HasItemWithTag' (a nil value)

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When I try to use 【replica.Container: HasItemWithTag (" Musha_forge_fuel ", 1)】

The game crashed.

Also, When I try to use  [doer.replica.inventory:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1)]

The game crashed.

The code like this

local function FindForge(inst)
    local ForgeTAG = {"musha_forge"}
    local Forge = FindEntity(inst, 6, nil, ForgeTAG)

    return Forge and not Forge:HasTag("CAN_FORGE")

    function(inst, doer, actions, right)
        if FindForge(inst) and inst.replica.inventoryitem and inst.replica.equippable and inst:HasTag("musha_armor_forge") and doer.replica.inventory:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1) then
            local item = doer.replica.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.BODY)
            if item and item.replica.container and not item.replica.container:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1) then
                table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.MUSHA_ARMOR_FORGE)
            elseif not item then
                table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.MUSHA_ARMOR_FORGE)

This problem occurs when a player has a backpack.





Steps to Reproduce

use 【doer.replica.inventory:HasItemWithTag(tag, amount) or inst.replica.container:HasItemWithTag(tag, amount】

hmm...Did you need more?

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

One thing to notice is that

This file(container_classified) is missing (inst.HasItemWithTag = HasItemWithTag)

But inventory_classified has this code.

I tried to add this part of code to it, but it still went crash.

So I'm not sure If I did this right

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