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  1. One thing to notice is that This file(container_classified) is missing (inst.HasItemWithTag = HasItemWithTag) But inventory_classified has this code. I tried to add this part of code to it, but it still went crash. So I'm not sure If I did this right
  2. When I try to use 【replica.Container: HasItemWithTag (" Musha_forge_fuel ", 1)】 The game crashed. Also, When I try to use [doer.replica.inventory:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1)] The game crashed. The code like this local function FindForge(inst) local ForgeTAG = {"musha_forge"} local Forge = FindEntity(inst, 6, nil, ForgeTAG) return Forge and not Forge:HasTag("CAN_FORGE") end AddComponentAction( "INVENTORY", "inventoryitem", function(inst, doer, actions, right) if FindForge(inst) and inst.replica.inventoryitem and inst.replica.equippable and inst:HasTag("musha_armor_forge") and doer.replica.inventory:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1) then local item = doer.replica.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.BODY) if item and item.replica.container and not item.replica.container:HasItemWithTag("Musha_forge_fuel", 1) then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.MUSHA_ARMOR_FORGE) elseif not item then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.MUSHA_ARMOR_FORGE) end end end ) This problem occurs when a player has a backpack.
  3. If the player enable the cave. When developers try to use "replica.inventory: HasItemWithTag (tag, amount)". The game crashed. This code is not loaded into Classified. Can you fix it?
  4. I know you won't support MOD development, But I still want to tell you. The game crashed when I tried to retrieve whether the player's backpack contained an item with a tag. It's line 289 in the container_replica.lua There is no HasTag function code in the Container component. So you konw, When the developers tried to do this, the game crashed. Interestingly, I guess the developers got their code names wrong. Can you fix it? If you can solve this problem, I can further complete my item enhancement system. Waiting for your information. By RockmanCiel.
  5. OK,But I didn't enable this. If only it could be improved.
  6. There are some MOD records in the LOG -- but that's just for testing character animation, but I found this problem no matter who I used.
  7. Some of my friends have been talking about it. When you create the game with Cave enabled, No matter who you use. [or say:No matter which character you use.] You can feel it when you move. The walking animation will shake very fast. It looks like it's going to hit. Turn on the backspace key. The frame rate is stable at 60. game ping of 0. If you can't find the problem -- try to make a cane, Equip and then go left and right and back. You can see problems with the animation of the characters. Can you solve it? At least I can't do this. I tried to use a few MOD to copy these steps, or to turn them off, but the problem remained. It has nothing to do with MOD. Check out the video I made. By RockmanCiel bandicam 2020-07-04 00-41-32-747_x264.mp4
  8. First... I think I need to say hello to you. I've been fretting about this for a while. When users start their game, After entering the cave and then exiting the game, the game will crash. I thought the code was wrong. But it's not... In my actual survey, the famine code had a function to determine the player's language. Code: local Musha_language = "_en" if Modlanguage == "auto" then local KnownModIndex = GLOBAL.KnownModIndex for _, moddir in ipairs(KnownModIndex:GetModsToLoad()) do local language = KnownModIndex:GetModInfo(moddir).name --start if language == "한글 모드 서버 버전" or language == "한글 모드 클라이언트 버전" or language == "Korean Language Pack Ver.Server" then Musha_language = "_ko" elseif language == "Chinese Language Pack" or language == "Chinese Plus" or language == "[DST]雪儿的外置汉化模组" or language == "中文语言包" then Musha_language = "_cn" elseif language == "Russian Language Pack" or language == "Russification Pack for DST" or language == "Rus To Latin (Client)" then Musha_language = "_ru" end end else Musha_language = Modlanguage end STRINGS.CHARACTERS.MUSHA = require("speech_musha"..Musha_language) modimport("scripts/strings_musha"..Musha_language..".lua") This is the code for the mod.(Musha) But the language code will write Chinese or English parameters. If the player USES the Chinese system or the English system. Take it easy! Please hear me out, Sir. I'm not sure Kiel going to support that, However, the function returns an incorrect language code for the game causing the game to crash, I guess it has to do with the language system. I'd like you to look into the language code if you can. I think it's convenient for users, Automatically select their game language.. Thanks for your understanding! client_log.txt client_log-test.txt
  9. I have to report a bug.When we look at each item, When we check at any game item, The client.log will be add more information. like this It's very disturbing to us. Because I'm a mod developer.This will interfere with my collection of information. Can you fix it? please!!!!