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Steam Deck: Controller Layout still not working

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your bugfix from 

did quiet nothing. I can still not map any custom keyboard keys (eg. for mod use, or shortcuts like "F" for force attack, "1" to shortcut use the first inventory item etc.).  

I want to use the configuration shown in the image, but the new mapped keys trigger+bumper have no functions ingame.


And i dont understand why you keep your ingame mapping if the steam layout is so much better. how is the game order to check what layout is taken for the game?


Please enable keyboard keys for steamdeck like it is possible to use them when playing with controller.


Steps to Reproduce

see above

User Feedback

This is still not fixed. I don't know why they haven't fixed this. Just give us the option to chsnge it from Steam Deck to Mouse and Keyboard 

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Playing on mouse and keyboard is possible if you run the Linux version of the game through the compatibility option under properties. Not a perfect fix, but it helped me. 

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