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Steam chat filters do not work on Linux

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Manually set custom word filters get correctly censored, but profanities and slurs that Steam is set to censor are not detected on Linux DST.

[00:04:40]: RemoteCommandInput: "print(TheSim:ApplyLocalWordFilter("<actual swear omitted for the forums>", TEXT_FILTER_CTX_CHAT))"
[00:04:40]: nil	
[00:04:44]: RemoteCommandInput: "print(TheSim:ApplyLocalWordFilter("test", TEXT_FILTER_CTX_CHAT))"
[00:04:44]: ****	


I have tested this under the same account and settings in Windows and encountered no such issue. However, the issue persists even when running DST under Proton on Linux.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Be on Linux
2. Enable profanity filters in Steam and Steam chat filtering in DST
2. Note that nothing gets filtered, except for custom words that you add

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