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start the game and report errors

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Keyboard is replaced by gamepad.Before I change the controller,I try to change the language into Chinese.Due to the gamepad controller,I can not change the language by keyboard.So I exist the game by force.The second time I start the game ,I was reported with error so that I can not execute any command including changing the controller.By the way ,I never use the gamepad to start the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Start the game with gamepad,and change the language into Chinese

User Feedback

It sounds like you are running into some control settings issue. To try and fix this, can we get you to try and reset the game's controls/bindings to their default values?

1) On game's main menu screen, press the Tilde key ( ~ ) on your keyboard to bring up the console command line.

2) On the console command line text box, type this code (or copy and paste it):


And then press the Enter key on your keyboard to apply the command line code. This will reset all of your control binds and controller settings for the game to their default values and fully exits the game.

3) Launch the game once more to see if that resolves the issue.

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