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spiderdens placed on a boat may create web turf on the ocean and spiders at dusk may spawn on the ocean and walk on the ocean

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as you can see spiderdens on boat and their is web turf on the sea


i dont have time to wait for spiders to spawn at dusk on the ocean and take a picture, but that happens too i have encountered quite a few spiders walking on the sea from my spiderden boat.


i suggest when a spiderden is placed on a boat (or on the sea) make it that it doesnt spread any webbed turf anywhere at all and make all spiders who spiderdens are on a boat spawn more in the middle of the boat maybe or add an extra check when they spawn to sea if they are on the ocean to move them to the boat with their den i have had enough jesus spiders and webbed ocean, ty

Steps to Reproduce

for web turf on ocean: plant (3?) spider dens on a boat (near land???)

for spider walking on ocean: wait till dusk and if you are lucky you will get some jesus spiders

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