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Sound issue, permanent 0

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Hello, Name's Rose. I've been trying to hold off on reporting this but it has come up again and this the the 4th day straight of trying to fix this by myself, and it seems I have been bested. I hate bugging you guys with these troublesome bugs... 

It seems that my sound won't work with my Razor Headset. Yes, I know this bug is known, but unlike all the other times, doing the "normal" steps to fix this simply won't work. After testing and messing, it seems only Klei games have this sound bug, as Hot Lava and ONI seem to be affected to. (I need to check ONI again later, but 100% Hot Lava is affected.)

All attempts (even file messing) result in me not being able to set my sound above the level 0... This bug was "okay" for a bit, but now it's kind of bumming me out. Even now that the Gorge has just rolled in and I can't hear all the wonderful new sounds you all put together! Along with the music and other sounds.

Steps to Reproduce
Plug in Razor brand headphones Launch DS/DST/SW/HT/ONI Try and up sound, and watch
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