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Some beefalo bug and issues

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After play lots of beefalo, this is bugs and issues i found in beefalo riding so far:

Players and beefalo both become invisible when monkey queen removed cursed trinket.
Step to produce: give banana to monkey queen and instant jump on beefalo.

Beefalo wont gain ornery point if attack nightmare. (Not 100% sure about this or the gain just low, i farm about 30 nightmare creature and my beefalo doesnt change face to ornery)

Beefalo rider cant investigate suspicious pile. 

Beefalo rider that hold a statues or heavy object in their bodyslot CAN eat in inventory, but CANT do attack action.

Beefalo rider cant eat food when holding food on top of themself. They can only eat food it the food is in inventory.

Maxwell can open hat when riding beefalo, but cant open tackle box. I know these are 2 different items, but why cant they work the same?

Cant put item to tackle box when riding beefalo.

Beefalo rider wont get shade from normal tree. Havent tested about shade from knobby tree.

Steps to Reproduce

Ride a beefalo.

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