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Slippery Darts in stack are removed on DropWetTool event

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There is an issue with equipped slippery darts that causes them to be dropped from the character's hands and reduced to a single dart in the stack, instead of maintaining the original stack size. This occurs only occasionally when using the slippery darts.

Expected Behavior: When the slippery darts are dropped, the remaining darts in the stack should not be reduced to a stack of one. Instead, the stack should maintain the same number of darts as there were before the drop.

Actual (bugged) Behavior: Upon dropping the slippery darts, sometimes the remaining darts in the stack are reduced to a single dart.

Weird thing I noticed is that when it happens, the dropped darts are falling directly on the character's feet, instead of being launched away - maybe it has something to do with items Physics

This issue occurs with any kind of darts as long as they are slippery and player is above the tool slip moisture threshold.
The problem is intermittent and does not happen with every drop of the slippery darts.

Video below


Steps to Reproduce

When wet equip the slippery darts from the inventory.

Use the slippery darts by targeting an object or enemy.

Occasionally, the slippery darts will be dropped from the character's hands and reduced to a stack of one dart.

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