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Sliding after or chasing Woby while feeding entity in slot

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Whenever I try to feed a living entity in Woby I end up instead chasing after her or sliding across the map in a attempt to complete the task. It inevitably doesn't work and the only way to stop it is to put the food back down in a open slot either on my person or Woby herself. I have originally experienced this on two separate occasions with lunar moths.

Mod in use during this event: Default Dance Server, Detailed Tooltips, DST Path Lights, Extended Indicators, Extra Equip Slots, FinderMod, Global Positions, Health Info, Increased Stack size, More Actions, Wormhole Marks, Camp Security, Scary Stories For Walter, Wuzzy The Buzzy

Steps to Reproduce

1.Put living entity and food in Woby. 
roceed to feed the living entity while inside of her slots
3.Enjoy the ride!

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