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Sinkhole Generation Suspected of Permanently Breaking Year of the Pig King Event

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Hello - I currently play a solo world with Wigfrid that is 1000+ days old. Over the course of several game days today, I amassed 41 Golden Belts. I assumed that the next step would be to take them to the Pig King, but trying to give him any returns the message "I must clear the battlefield first!" I have picked up all ground clutter in the Pig King's immediate area, and any immediately nearby structures are long gone. I'm a little concerned that a Sinkhole which spawned on the Pig King's floor at world generation may be interfering with whatever event trigger is supposed to happen upon presenting the belts to PK. One other person on the Steam DST General forums responded to my question there, saying that they have the same issue, except that their sinkhole is closed and mine has been opened for a long time. Neither of us can get the PK event to trigger. Is this an event-crashing issue similar to the Oasis Lake not filling when items are in the basin? I am really bummed that the world I've been playing for about 6 months and have invested several hundred hours into appears to be unable to access the PKĀ event because of this. :/

I run very light on mods, and disabling them has not changed this issue in any way.

DST Pig King.png

Steps to Reproduce
Generate a Sinkhole on the Pig King's floor, attempt to trade Golden Belts to Pig King.
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