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Shop Music At Character Select

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Upon opening the store page from the character selection screen (such as clicking on the visit shop button when having not unlocked a DLC character or the shopping cart button for a curio item), the default shop music begins to play, but upon leaving the shop, the music continues to play at character select, and even after joining the world until you disconnect from the server. Turning off the music in the settings will not fix the problem (music will be off, but if turned on again, the music from the shop remains). This isn't a game breaking bug, but it can be cumbersome to have to exit and rejoin a game for the music to stop playing.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Host or join a server

2. Choose any character or unowned DLC character

3. Open the shop menu, with one of two choices: If chosen unowned DLC character, click on the "visit shop" button. Otherwise with any other character, select any weavable curio and click the shopping cart button, opening the shop.

4. Leave the shop

5. Music from the shop continues playing at character selection screen, as well as after joining the game.



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