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Servers Won't Launch - Error 502

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I tried lauching one of my solo saves today and it seems to be stuck on the "launching server" message. I tried restarting the game and launching a different save but the same issue is present. I opened the master_server_log and at a certain point during the launch sequence it starts repeating the following message:


I searched up error 502 and it says that its a network issue, however I've never had any internet problems on my end and this is the first time I've encountered this problem (last time I launched the game successfully was yesterday). Hoping someone might know what could be causing this issue.


Steps to Reproduce

Unknown :(

User Feedback

I also can't load new or old worlds and get a 502 error in my master_server_log I wonder if trying repeatedly to load into a password server that was full and moded caused the problem. I don't use any mods but I can imagine partially loading in could result in the mod making a save file that isn't cleaned up properly and interferes with launching new worlds. I just wish there was a clear action to take when literally nothing loads, I don't get an error message, just "launching server" meanwhile the logs are 10 minutes of the code throwing the same error code.

I guess in the mean time I'm stuck playing public servers.



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