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SendMODRPCtoShard Will Broadcast to all shards and all players

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Game Version: v551676

the function   SendMODRPCtoShard  will be Broadcast to all shards and all players ,It will waste a high bandwidth.

In the introduction of this function, it will send a RPC to the specified or all of the shard,But in fact he is broadcast to all players of the game

if i use it in a server only mod , the client will print " Error decoding lua RPC mod namespace"  in i call this api in the server


it need to be fixed!


this is a mod to reproduce this bug.  also you can contact me in mamjun1@qq.com



Steps to Reproduce

1 run a new game without load any save game (if you host a game with this mod,it will not print log,but the message will alse send to client)

2 create or load a new  forest and caves  game  with load this mod

3 see the ClientLog.txt  , it will print  "Error decoding lua RPC mod namespace"  20 times per second 

At the same time, if I use some network traffic analysis software, such as wireshark, i can find the rpc packet send by this shardrpc will be  sended to client  and all shard .


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