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  1. in the file components/builder_replica.lua line 237 "if recipe.level[v] > (bonus ~= nil and bonus:value() or 0) then" and the file components/builder.lua line 655 if a mod add a new techlevel and not fix all the recipes ,it will creah because of recipe.level[v] is nil to fix this,it only need edit builder_replica.lua line 237 and builder.lua line 655 , eg. if (recipe.level[v] or 0)> (bonus ~= nil and bonus:value() or 0) then
  2. No no no There is no need for strong encryption, just a simple compression package and then a password. There should be similar modules inside the game (refer to the official loading scripts. Zip), so a feasible and not too difficult proposal is proposed
  3. Can you add a mod packing function to the mod tools? I'm a Chinese modder.At present, Chinese DST mods are mainly released on the WeGame and Steam platforms. Some people copy and paste other modders' content, then modify the mod name and the author's name, and claim to be their own creation. When confronted, some even tout: "why don't you encrypt?", "you didn't say we shouldn't steal from you", "I just use it for myself" (while it is in fact puclicly available) So I wonder if the official modtools can provide some functions, allowing players to package mod into a complete file (such as zip package) and automatically sign or encrypt it with the publisher's ID, Reference example: provided in the game is the packed file that can be read and used normally The zip file itself also supports password or some copyright information, Can Klei do something like that to help protect modder's work? When the mod is uploaded, it is compressed into a compressed package with some copyright information attached. For example, if the mod published by XXX needs to use the mod resources, please ask the author for permission in advance. Or automatically bring the LGPL open source protocol? (because many authors don't know the content of the open source protocol, they don't bring it with them by default.) In addition, a random string can be attached to the additional information. According to the string, the real password of the compressed package can be calculated and the specific content of mod can be read according to the password From the perspective of Python developers, I think this should be a relatively easy problem to deal with. If necessary, I can help write this part of the code If you need to contact directly, you can also send an email to Of course, whether to pack or encrypt is recommended to be optional. It's also convenient for sharing. I don't care about other people's Mod 可以为modtools增加一个打包mod的功能吗 我是一名中国modder。现在,中国的DST主要发布在WeGame 和 Steam 平台 但是现在有一个问题,有很多入门modder或者说是普通玩家,他们做了一下违反版权的行为 他们将别人modder的内容复制粘贴然后修改mod名称和作者名称,并声称是自己创作的。甚至还有人发出了:“有本事加密阿”、“你也没说不能拿你资源阿”、“我只是自己用”(但是他是发布的所有人可见,并且声称是自己创作的) 所以我在想,是不是官方的modtools可以出一些功能,允许玩家将mod打包成为一个完整的文件(例如zip压缩包) 并自动使用发布者的ID对其进行签名或者加密, 参考范例: 游戏中自带的 就是这种打包后的文件 可以正常读取并使用 zip文件本身也是支持使用密码 或者附带一些版权信息的, 或许官方可以这么做? mod上传的时候 自带压缩成压缩包,并且附加一些版权信息,比如 XXX发布的此mod,如果需要使用该mod的资源,请先征得作者同意之类的。或者自动带上LGPL开源协议一类的? (因为好多作者并不了解开源协议的内容,他们并不会默认带上开源协议) 并且在附加信息里可以附上一个随机的字符串,根据这个字符串进行计算拿到压缩包的真实密码,并根据这个密码去读取mod的具体内容 我站在py开发者的角度 觉得这个应该是一个比较好处理的问题, 如果需要,我可以协助编写此部分的代码。 如果需要直接联系 也可以发送邮件到 当然是否打包或者加密建议做成可选项,也方便一些单纯是为了分享,不介意别人使用的mod
  4. I have an "DST Dedicated Server" in AliYun Cloud. This is Server have an Public IP.But it's hard for me to connect to this server. From the client_log.txt ,I find that the game has been trying to Punchthrough 。 Only after ten failures,the game will try to DirectConnect and success join in。 So what can I do to declare that the server can be connected directly so that the client doesn't have to try to penetrate first? Or can the client try to connect directly or alternately through and through? My current game platform is Wegame.