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Seemingly a mod issue?

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When I finally restarted the game after about a few months of not playing, I updated and tried to jump right back into things, but it seems that my server won't start because there's mod issues. No problem, I'll just update them all. Problem, none of them are updating. No problem, uninstall and reinstall. Problem, I've been blocked from reinstalling the game because a specific folder is apparently inaccessible to even the computer administrator. I even did factory reset on security and it managed to wipe the files causing trouble and I reinstalled with no issue, but the mods were once again awkwardly blank, written as "workshop-randomnumber" and don't even have the delete or disable function. I went to workshop and unsubscribed from every mod, "Clean all"'d my mods several times, and nothing is changing. I can't join servers, can't host, can't play at all. Now the mod folder keeps reinstalling files for mods that I don't follow and parts of it are once again inaccessible to administrator. Ghost mods perhaps? Either way, game is totally bugging out on my end and I know the server is fine because everyone else can join and play. Also when I check up on the mods tab, at first mods that I've never subscribed to let alone seen, show up for a brief second, then are replaced by the phantom names.

Screenshot (54).PNG

Screenshot (55).PNG

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I don't know when it started or how, but I have a feeling it's an issue with the mods and the mods only. The mods wouldn't update to begin with.

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