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  1. I have found small solutions that can't be forced, but mostly work. When steam went off for maintanence I was able to delete the corrupted mods simply by clicking the delete button. Then i could re-subscribe to it and it would work again. Note-To-Self: Don't update mods. Re-subscribe to them.
  2. I noticed the frames of the boxes werent blurry. This is probably not something to do with the resolution of your monitor.
  3. I tried going into users and enabling the ability to delete the files, but it still didnt work. Even having full control of the computer, I couldn't delete them.
  4. I have made a bug report that is similar to this, and may be fixed sometime.
  5. When i launched DST to play at some time, I went to go check my mods to download some, and then i notice my mods were invalid, where it would say "workshop-(mod id number)" by unknown, Compatibility unknown. I tried cleaning the files on the menu but then all 55 of my mods had that effect (at the first time there were about 9 mods doing it). My access to deleting the mods was denied, but downloading new mods worked fine. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864776586