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Ruins Bug

Boonie Boy
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Hello guys,

I have a bug in my ruins now. There are NO Pseudoscience Station, no splumonkeys, no chess pieces, no broken clockworks, and NO Ancient Guardian! :(

I have finished the ruin once, defeated the guardian and got the Ancient Key. I was just preparing to fight Ancient Fuelweaver soon. 

I suppose I was about to die when I exited the game. When I came in again, I got a new cave (new map). Then I thought "Well, not so bad, maybe I could farm ruins again". But unfortunately, I found nothing in the new ruins, just Shadow Creatures spawning from fissure. I have tried to learn and read online, and I typed "c_resetruins()" while I was underground, but nothing happens.

I have played this world for almost 400 days, and I would like to continue to play it. What could I do now? Did I posted at the correct place?

Any help are pretty much appreciated! I thank you for your attention.



Best regards,


Steps to Reproduce

I am not sure on how exactly. I think:

  • When I was about to be killed by shadow Creatures, then I quit and reroll
  • Then I reset one day before where I was outside cave
  • When I entered cave again, I got new map
  • (The ruins was completely cleared, with all chess pieces and Ancient Guardian defeated)

User Feedback

I'm sorry you lost your ruins. While in the caves, you can run the command c_regenerateshard() to regenerate the cave world.

WARNING: If you run this in the forest, you will generate a new forest. You may wish to back up your entire dst save folder if you are not comfortable with this.

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