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Rolle back issues

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I was fighting the new boss (twins of terror) with my friend, after we both died I rolled back to the previous save, but the boss did not dissappear. Not only did it stayed during daytime, it also caused an unexpected error(see the image below). It suggests that the error might be caused by the mods I used; I turned of all the client mods, and the same error still occured. I wanted to turn off all the server mods as well but I did not want to risk losing the save. 

Any ideas on how to fix this?

unknown (2).png

Steps to Reproduce

summon the twins of terror at night, roll back to the previous day, and the boss would stay. 

User Feedback


There is a line in this crash text that makes it look like the issue is indeed a mod (the line that says): 

../mods/workshop-1608191708/modmain.lua:198 in (method) UnHighlight (Lua) <196-199>

Is this picture that you have attached from before or after disabling your client mods? If it is from after, I suspect the crash is related to a server-side mod (because of the above line of text in your image), especially if any of them involve highlighting creatures. Unfortunately we cannot nicely diagnose mod issues here, so you may have to contact the developer of the mod that is causing the issue.

If the image is from before you disabled your client mods, and you get a different set of text after disabling them (especially one that does not contain the line of text that I have outlined above), it may be a useful image to share here as well.

Of course, the rollback bug may be involved in the crash, as the Twins are likely in an improper state after the world is reloaded. We are working on a fix, but I cannot guarantee to you that it will solve this issue.

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