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Rock Lobster Hungry to Extinction

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In a non-modded Huge world with all default settings with caves started with Steam/Tools/Pre-configured dedicated server, I found a sinkhole at Day 10. After getting the lightbulbs, I left the Caves till I am better prepared. At Day 150, while explaoring the caves, I found several circle of rocks and flint and rots, obviously herds of rock lobsters died even before I ever found them. After exploring the full Cave map, I realized that I lost all the rock lobsters from my world, forever.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start a Huge world in a dedicated server (Steam/Tools/Pre-configured) with all default settings; 2. On Day 1, find and open sinkhole, visit Caves but do not explore; 3. Get out of Caves; 4. At Day 150, go back to Caves for the second time, and try to locate any alive rock lobsters 5. All rock lobsters are dead of hunger

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