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Rider takes damage from charged volt goat instead of beefalo

Pig Princess
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When player is mounted on beefalo, rider receives damage from ranged attacks while beefalo receives damage from melee ones upon being hit. When player is hit by uncharged volt goat, beefalo receives damage as it should, since it's melee attack, but when player is hit by charged volt goat, rider receives damage - 25 points - even if one has lightning insulation such as eyebrella or rain coat, even though it's still melee attack. Player doesn't play "electrocut" animation, so it's unlikely that insulating gear doesn't protect from elemental damage of charged volt goat, and while player themselves hits on beefalo charged volt goat with insulating gear equipped, player isn't stunned after dealt hit.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Equip insulating gear, charge volt goat by any method.

2. Mount beefalo, tank hit from charged volt goat.

3. Notice that rider instead of beefalo receives damage, but doesn't play "electrocut" animation.

4. Try to hit charged volt goat and confirm that insulating gear is working since player is not stunned after dealing hit themselves.

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