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Resource Variation Failure & Cave worldgen file glitch.

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Bug 1) Hi, I was being reported for half a week to a week that, resources never vary and whatever the starting resources are, they do always stay same. To test the problem my worldgenoverride.lua settings were like this


prefabswaps_start = "highly random",             -- "classic", "default", "highly random"
prefabswaps = "max",             -- "none", "few", "default", "many", "max"

game does not fail to start the game with resource variants but it fails to switch while playing. You can see it in the log file,, there is hell a lot of switch attempts and fails for resource variation.

Here is the log file of the game: log586.txt

Bug 2) Note: I changed both worldgenoverride.lua file under Master shard and cave shard and stopped the server before doing so. Somehow cave server's worldgenoverride.lua file does not change game settings for cave server, but master shard's worldgenoverride.lua successfully edited overworld game settings upon whole world regeneration with "c_regenerateworld()" command.

Only way to change cave shard's worldgen settings in new world creation is, stopping server, deleting save folder under cave shard, restarting game.



Steps to Reproduce
1)Set the worldgenoverride.lua file like this: prefabswaps_start = "highly random", -- "classic", "default", "highly random" prefabswaps = "max", -- "none", "few", "default", "many", "max" 2)Try to find fail messages in the log file after some time.

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