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relink twitch account

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I have watch stream for 6 hours and i received nothing, so i decided to try unlink and relink my account but apparently it's still show SUCCESSFULLY LINKED!, how do i relink my account?


Steps to Reproduce

Go to twich > connection, Disconnect Klei stuff then unable to relink.

User Feedback

Hello @silencecat5, welcome to the forums. To relink:


If you relinked it, it would definitely show "SUCCESSFULLY LINKED!" since you linked it again. But if you unlink it, the /account/rewards page should (AFAIK) show that you can LINK a twitch account.

Also make sure that your Twitch account itself is properly connected. Under Twitch > Settings > Connections > Other Connections > Klei Entertainment should be seen as "Connected x time ago", reference below:


If that still fails, your best bet would be to contact Klei Support  through this Submit a request for Game: Don't Starve Together and Category: Account Help. And send vital information e.g.:

  • Klei User Account # found in https://accounts.klei.com/account/info.
  • Your Twitch account that you've made sure is properly connected
  • A copy of your client_log.txt file might also help, since it could give insight on issues of your Klei Account being unable to receive Twitch Gift drops.

HOWEVER, if you've UNLINKED but the https://accounts.klei.com/account/rewards STILL shows that it's LINKED. That's an issue also worth bringing up in with Klei Support.

In that scenario, I recommend UNLINK Klei Entertainment from Twitch's side and see if it works. If you notice the Twitch Settings snippet above from my own Twitch account, there is a Disconnect button. If you have that option on your Twitch Account settings, then try disconnected the Twitch Account from Klei Entertainment from there.

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