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Recruited Merms WON'T Defend Any Other Merm That's Been Attacked

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If a pigman is attacked (by say a frog), all other pigmen will come to defend that pig, even if the player recruited a fellow pig. The same thing applies with Bunnymen.

This does not occur with merms recruited by the player; all recruited merms will not defend other merms, regardless of whether the attacked merm was recruited or not.

(The Merm King was not active during the testing; idk how Merms and Merm Guards are supposed to react when the Merm King is up )

Steps to Reproduce

Recruit a pigman/bunnymen amongst a population of their kind.

A member of their species is attacked (ex. by a frog); all members of the species come to defend their fellow specie member, regardless of recuitment status.

This does not occur for recruited merms.

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