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[RE-REPORT*1] When the Pirate Boat unload, it kills everything above it, including flying mobs, bosses, ocean mobs and monkeys themselves and drop their loot on the water.

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As the title says, it causes a lot of cursed trinkets and other stuff pile up at the spot where the pirate boat disappeared, turning subsequent passers-by into Wonkey.

Steps to Reproduce

1.Spawn a pirate ship.

2.Let any living thing on board.


4.Return and find their loot floating on the water.

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User Feedback

The responsible code in scripts/components/piratespawner.lua:

-- Remove anything that's left.
ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x,y,z, inst.components.walkableplatform.platform_radius)
for _, ent in ipairs(ents) do
    if ent.components.health then
        --print("Kill:", ent)
         --print("Remove:", ent)

Needs to be more careful about what it's targeting and what to do with it.

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