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[RE-REPORT x3] Buffed Grumble Bees Target Shadow Tentacles of Thulecite Club

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If you fight BQ with a Thulecite Club, for some reason, the buffed Grumbles during Phase 3&4 goes back to BQ. 

This only occurs with the Club and it's 100% not b/c I'm too far from BQ since this doesn't occur with other weapons.

Steps to Reproduce

Fight Bee Queen with a Thulecite Club during phase 3 & 4.

BQ buffs the Grumble Bees.

For some reason, the grumbles go back to BQ, even if no Shadow Tentacle has spawned (I think if no Tentacle has spawned, I'm not sure).

What I know is that this issue only occurs with the Thulecite Club, not with any other weapon & It's 100% not because I get too far away from BQ since with other weapons, I can go miles away and the Grumbles will still properly chase.



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