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[RE-REPORT] Sleeping Mobs Don't Wake Up To Accept/Refuse Trades (Unless It's A Merm)

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In a nutshell, if a Merm is asleep and you give it an item, it will wake up to either accept or refuse that item.

This is not the case for every other mob in the game that can be traded with, despite the code attempting to do so (for the most part) and the dev comment in birdcage.lua stating "If asleep, wake up" above the block of code that attempts (and fails) to do just that.

From what I've noticed, these functions are not written uniformly across each of the affected mobs. I have this detailed report noting the differences, but I'm not 100% sure if that's the cause.

This video shows the difference in-game:


Steps to Reproduce

Please refer to this post I made here, as I thoroughly go over all the differences between the mobs.


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User Feedback

39 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

@JesseB_Klei Do you know if this one is planned to be fixed? I'd appreciate any response since I have plans with beefalos in the event this gets fixed :>

It being different to me feels out of place but which side of the action it should be on I will need to consult with the designers for the intent behind it. It is the weekend so this will not be able to be done until some time in the week.

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