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[Re-Report] Crabby Hermit not registering tasks

mr. brj
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I have reported these quite a few times in the past, so let me try my chance again:D


1) Crabby Hermit won't register the number of fish given to her during dusk or night time.

Say you gave her 3 heavy, non-seasonal fish during day time and an additional 2 when it became dusk. Crabby Hermit won't register the latter 2, so to complete this task, instead of catching 5 fish in total, you will have to catch 7. This also applies for seasonal heavy fish.

2) Finishing multiple tasks in quick succession, and queueing up multiple dialogues as a result, will cause some of these tasks to not get registered at all.

This also applies for tasks that can be done only once, such as the house upgrades or the underwater salvageables.


Suggestion/question from someone who can't code: I see that the checks for the tasks are tied to the Crabby Hermit entity. Wouldn't giving them to a more stationary entity fix these issues? Or isn't it possible to create global checks for the tasks? Sorry in advance if I'm sounding stupid with these questions but these bugs have been really disruptive towards my gameplays, so I just wanted to start a brainstorm at least.

Steps to Reproduce

Give fish to Crabby Hermit during dusk or night time / Complete multiple hermit tasks in quick succession and don't go near Crabby Hermit in the mean time

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