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[Re-re-report] Crabby Hermit won't give her pearl (I think I found the exact cause)

mr. brj
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So I have reported this two times before, and this is the fifth time I'm experiencing this issue, so I'm absolutely sure I'm not missing any tasks. Leaving the previous post in the bottom just in case.


Basically, the Crabby Hermit won't register completed quests as completed under some specific, but likely circumstances. Examples I've found for this are as follows:


1) Completing two separate fish tasks during the same dusk or night somehow only registers one (most likely the first) as finished, however, the confirmation for the registered task occurs only during a later day time.

This also causes the Crabby Hermit to either give the respective advert for the seasonal fish much later, in a random fashion, or not give it at all.


2) Completing multiple tasks without being near the Crabby Hermit, especially when additional dialogues are queued in due to friendship points passing a certain treshold, causes her to talk very rapidly and therefore skip checking whether the completed tasks are actually completed.

I suspect this also prevents all players from obtaining the pearl item if one of the house upgrades was completed under these circumstances, but I sadly have no idea how to replicate this one. I'm still keeping the world in which this has happened to me, so feel free to ask for any files in case they are needed.


As always, thank you for your time and I wish to help however I can with identifying the more specific causes for these issues.



Steps to Reproduce

See the post. It's a bit specific.

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