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Random places that dock cant be build in water logged biome?

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I was trying to make a dock base in watter logged biome (according to map, all ocean in water logged are light blue ocean) so i thought dock can be built there.
How ever that not the case, It seem like there are random spots water logged biomeĀ  that dock can be build, and there are random spots dock cant, even with full clearance.
Here is full water logged after i tried every possible dock spots

Is it intended for there to be random spot dock cant be build, or is it a bug?

Steps to Reproduce

Build docks in waterlogged biome.

User Feedback

3 hours ago, SleeplessRat said:

you can only place docks on shallow seas. The waterlogged biome has deeper seas in it

Problem is in map, water logged biome have the same colour as shallow sea, and visually of shallow sea.
And you can place dock in some place in it, and some place you cant, very inconsistent
And i dont know the cause is random deepsea in it, or invisible spawner block it.

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The biome has a different ocean tile restricting placement of docks and is intentional to not be able to place docks in this biome.

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