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Random "Networking Failed to Start issue", even for offline servers.

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I have no idea why, but im getting this message any time I try to open a server image.thumb.png.0869640f39ac7005af401faed6313f96.png

I made sure the proper port was open, but that didn't help, I restarted my computer, shut down and rebooted, verified game files, deleted the game and reinstalled, and nothing changed.

[00:00:52]: Port 10999 is open in the firewall.
[00:00:52]: [Error] Server failed to start!
[00:00:52]: Unhandled exception during server startup: RakNet UDP startup failed: SOCKET_FAILED_TEST_SEND (7)
[00:00:52]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_DST_INITIALIZATION_FAILED", reset: false
[00:00:52]: Details: SOCKET_FAILED_TEST_SEND
[00:00:52]: ModWorkshop::CancelDownloads clearing all unfinished downloads

I've tried searching for solutions with each of those lines, and nothing helpful came up. I cannot play the game and I have no idea why.



Steps to Reproduce

Tried to start a server, with no mods installed, even in offline mode.

Won't start.

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